10 ways a kid can make money

hi! In this video i will tell you how children can make income fast. Hope you appreciate the video! AND dont neglect to like and subscribe! ­čÖé :D.
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25 Responses to “10 ways a kid can make money”

  1. mike zage says:

    DUH i already know this stuff´╗┐

  2. suzy c says:

    Chris I didn’t see 2´╗┐

  3. Eileen Gomez says:

    What We Do Is We Get 10 Cents Per Push-ups & We Do 100 Per Week We Get 50
    Dollars, Right Now I Have 207 Dollars $$$$$$$
    Since I’ve Been Doing This For 3 Months Now :P! what Do You Guys Think?


  4. Nojus ┼áimkevi─Źius says:

    Guys can you tell how can i make some money? cuz i am 10 years old and i
    can do hard work cuz i need money for my mom’s operation plz help me

  5. xFallenStarXOXO says:

    Another way to get some $ if ur a teen especially is to use apps like
    featurepoints :33 it’s not on the App Store tho. Idk but it helped me get
    concert tix. Anyways here the link:
    Basically it pays you for playing apps bc it give you points for that and u
    can cash It in for paypal and amazon cards and stuff :3 ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ´╗┐

  6. Matthew Sullivan says:

    no.9 is so stupid. who would let an 8 year old or something look after
    their baby till around midnight!´╗┐

  7. Mrs.smile Mr.smile says:

    I have always wanted a claw machine my mom said I can get one but I only
    have. $108 I saw one on eBay for $500 I need some money DX ´╗┐

  8. kiana buckrell says:

    None of these work for me because I have overprotective parents uggghhh ´╗┐

  9. Jaidon Adams says:

    You can’t always negotiate with parents

  10. WEGAME FORFUN says:

    5 sit ups 10 dollars 20 push ups 50 dollars.´╗┐

  11. zara fitz says:

    If you your not going to talk then put on some music´╗┐

  12. Freya Thew says:

    None of these can work for me! I have no neighbours.´╗┐

  13. The Lego experience says:

    I make 40 dollars a month for doing dishes and trash than 60 for taking
    care of a dog every month so a 100 bucks a month aint bad for a 12 yr old ´╗┐

  14. spencer balcerzak says:

    i just find all the loose change. i get $30 per month for that. its not
    much but i do other things too´╗┐

  15. Candace Robinson says:

    Dumb but good idea´╗┐

  16. Kyra Johnson says:

    I’m saving my money to get a dog´╗┐

  17. helvi jalonen says:

    none of those work´╗┐

  18. Deavin Milton says:

    i would not do none of these 2 many things going life´╗┐

  19. Amy L says:

    What about a car wash with your friends´╗┐

  20. Ahmad Hayat says:

    I have a way which you can make money just fuck***´╗┐

  21. Origami Hub says:

    I already know that. I mean to make money by like doing something wale´╗┐

  22. zara fitz says:
  23. Cailey Geraci says:


  24. Lily Ramirez says:

    If your parents are like mine then #10 is SO not gonna wrk out.´╗┐

  25. xXtheWOlfXx says:

    So my parents don’t pay me for chores that I do everyday (dishes) I also do
    specific chores on Monday Wednsday and Friday which is vacuum, sweep n mop
    bathroom, sweep n mop ALL wood floors, catbox, and wipe down counters. My
    dad said he’ll “pay” me by getting a phone (using laptop). I wonder when
    that’ll happen´╗┐

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