How to Make Money from Home with Nature Items

Subscribe for much more tips! This video demonstrates various things located in nature that are needed by other people and can be sold on-line.
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25 Responses to “How to Make Money from Home with Nature Items”

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  4. thafeenable says:



    lmao all slam comments LOVE IT

  6. Frmkpoptoswe says:

    where to find the animals O.o

  7. 6364shelly says:

    EWWWWWW !!!!!!!!those fly wings look really cool but i can barely kill
    spiders LOL

  8. blanklabel1234567890 says:

    putting him in the freezer kills him.

  9. GardenOfImagination says:

    @violet7magenta Artists use them as wings for fairies.

  10. valtv says:

    How do you clean the snail shells? I also found some of these same type of
    snail shells in a pond in Kansas and I collected a few, but they are very
    slimy and stinky. Do you disinfect them somehow?

  11. PureLeveragePros says:

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  14. lillie levine says:

    cycatas are flipin nasty! there annoying as hell to. and i dont think
    anything works for flies cuz they eat poo xD lulz

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  23. sukimae13 says:

    Really u r used to touching bugs??? And they r really creepy so I will give
    2 stars…../

  24. DANIELLE EVANS says:


  25. vishee2906 says:

    sorry I’m talking about the cicada.

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