Legit REAL Ways To Make MONEY At HOME!! | Jordan Cheyenne

Legit REAL Ways To Make MONEY At HOME!! | Jordan Cheyenne

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50 Responses to “Legit REAL Ways To Make MONEY At HOME!! | Jordan Cheyenne”

  1. Phen0mable says:

    I bet he still has a dick 

  2. Kenny Given says:


  3. Johnny Dempsky says:

    Why not get a job. And the whole finger crunching thing u keep doing made
    me shut this off. Uggggg
    . PS your tits got smaller from the pic advertising you on here. How did
    that happen? Oh I know, stuffed pushup bra for views. Joker

  4. Jesse Ramirez says:

    She’s lying, she’s just a cam girl.

  5. Margarita Chan says:

    Great recommendations Jordan!!! I’m happy that you are now back at filming!
    I always enjoy your videos and yes you should vlog with little Christian 😉

  6. KeylishTV says:

    That’s so awesome of you….. Thanks for the info….. :)

  7. Glamourbygladys says:

    Thank you SO much for these amazing tips!!! <3 xoxo

  8. Techmical says:

    This video showed up at the top of my feed on my mobile and I can’t remove
    it. Get lost with your swag fucks

  9. Reesa Ree says:

    Jordan I have been swagging for years…. did you know that on your
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  10. batuhan tilki says:

    All I understood was tits dame nice big juicy tits babe lets fuck lets meet

  11. MrTimmsy1986 says:

    Haha here’s a tip for views taken from her channel, make a thumbnail with
    your cleavage out so everyone flocks to check it out, then record the vid
    with different conservative top on so u don’t look like the original slut
    in the thumbnail but someone professional lol 

  12. Nyctus says:

    Her titties seemed to have deflated some time between when i clicked the
    video and when it starting playing :/

  13. CybahGaming says:

    I came for the boobs. 

  14. chocoloco654 says:

    Great, ANOTHER irresponsible, single whore mother. Sweetheart why don’t you
    tell us the truth and say how you make money by staying at home and getting
    your “obama” freebies and living off hard working tax payers like us.

    Fucking LEECH generation at it’s best. $5 gets you $500 her son or daughter
    is Black.

  15. UnaBluRose says:

    Way to go Jordan! Congrats on almost being a 100% stay at home mom

  16. Alex Cox says:

    There is an app called “shop kick” and you just walk into a store while you
    are shopping and scan like 1 or 2 things and you get points and you save up
    points to get gift cards to so many places so if you don’t online shop then
    this app would work great

  17. Tomasz G says:

    Bullshit. All of your tips gets you swipe card which you can spend in the
    store to buy shit.
    Cash back on purchases? You have to spend money first which u don’t have as
    you need to make money?
    Blog and advertising is the only reasonable tip you’ve given. Although it
    gets you almost no money unless you got thousands of visitors which in
    today’s world is hard to achieve.
    One more thing. Advertising your services isn’t easy way to make money as
    you still have to work just like in any other workplace.


  18. xOhhKaycee says:

    How can you quit your job and pay bills when swagbucks only give you gift

  19. Chrisdabeastman34 says:

    The only way your whore ass makes money is by flashing your big tits

  20. EroticBeautyy says:

    Can you say legit one more time? Hahaha.

  21. Gaby2Amours says:

    Thanks again Jordan. Always looking out. Kisses to lil man. 

  22. spartan3774 says:

    I clicked on this for tits. The picture of the video shows tits pushed up
    perking out the top, then the video shows everything covered. Your using
    sex to sell your video. Prostitute much?

  23. amna arif says:

    Use perk t.v not many people know about it. but you basically watch
    trailers and rack up points I leave my phone on the trailers over night and
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    it’s fast and easy

  24. Brütal N. says:

    Why is this shit even on my frontpage on YT?

  25. Mark Hall says:

    Become a gambling addict. Simples 

  26. sophy kass says:

    For the survey, why do they ask you your street adress? Is it safe? Please

  27. Tamera Sommer says:

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  28. Rashmi H says:

    Hi is any one pease reply to this

    I’m taking some online surveys but I don’t have any bank account
    Plz temme how do I make money without bank account

  29. BrinleyHardacre says:

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  30. Soumiya Manivannun says:

    jorden cheyenne do you apply online for fullscreen?

  31. Zuki W says:

    I work from home full time. It is on this site


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  32. Patricia Irwin says:

    Can you please write the site for the “translaters” . Cray cray. I’m
    portuguese but Im actually pretty good at english, do you think that I can
    translate ?

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  34. Jess Diamond says:

    Good One…

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  36. dburntv says:

    Awesome to see you doin well Jordan! Been a while, are you not singing
    ? Much love… D

  37. maria martin says:

    How do you do yhe exchange group on Facebook??? 

  38. Delphine Kay says:

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  39. mohamed shoeib says:

    Should I have a credit card ? And how I could take this money

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  42. Fuckyall90210 says:


  43. hope joy says:

    May God continue to bless you, so nice to see your baby.

  44. kadzal says:

    this is cray cray!!!

  45. Jarrett Mansfield says:

    eyebrows on fleek


  46. becky haag says:

    U blink allllot

  47. Amanda Lemon says:

    I live in fallbrook and when you said it it startled me lol
    Not many people know about fallbrook

  48. Derrick Thomas says:

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