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25 Responses to “MAKE MONEY Online For FREE! Work from Home; NO Start Up Costs; NO FEES!”

  1. Caboose Woodginski says:

    Says free, $1.50 isn’t free.

  2. Ashwini N says:

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  3. Jason Mildward says:

    This is such Bullshit. . It’s tobad scumbags like this have nothing better
    to do then make bogus videos, praying on people that are hurting to make
    money online. 

  4. imran ali says:

    it’s free to sign up an earn so come into the fun of making money online..

  5. Brilannnd_ says:

    Use and make $25 just for signing up! It’s
    fast and free, check it out

  6. SiX sEcGoOf says:

    Try this out yhu will get and additional
    $25 dollars when sign up 

  7. Blake Edwards says:

    you actually need money in order to make money

  8. jamsheer ahmed says:

    hi guys, check this out: get money in no

  9. Mrs. Davis says:

    I found this first site that has made me money very fast and easy , free sign up and no experience. then I
    found another jus like it have fun making money, both sites will start you
    off with a free $25 thank
    you :)

  10. Lester Laoagan says:

    Please have conscience!!!! Stop making these kind of videos that are
    preying on real people with real lives who want to earn money online
    because of unemployment (difficult to land on a decent job) or who want’s
    to compensate the earnings on present job because it cannot sustain the
    everyday expenses of the family. You are just taking advantage of these
    real, honest & genuine people’s desperation who always got scammed. If it
    is for free please let it be for free because the reason of finding an
    online money making system is to earn not to lose money to the extent that
    even a small savings will be gone like the wind. Hopefully everybody
    especially those as I said fabricating such fake videos will understand &
    support my sentiments because I experienced first hand getting scammed
    gaining debt instead of earnings. 

  11. Crystal Fry says:

    This one is actually free…

  12. Armani Manson says:

    Best way to make money

  13. Kevin Brown says:

    Im tired of punks like this who falsely mislead people. Meet me somewhere
    and I beat your face in punk

  14. mario lungaro says:

    make money online free to join

  15. patrick darrough says:


  16. john daly says:

    you said it was free so charging a dollar aint free is it ???

  17. Sandra Palomino says:


  18. Vishu Dhiman says:

    please tell me anyone how to earn please

  19. habib wilson says:

    wow this is amazing to know that almost every one is a scam artist. reality
    of what i just learned is there is nothing free. the crazy part about all
    this is people are charging and money really is made up by the government.
    so why charge huh why dont we all give the fucking secret out for free and
    make these cock suckers pay for modern day slavery huh but ya dont hear me
    so therefore sit next to ur computer and figure a way to scam a person way
    less fortunate then u. if we had money to spend do u think we would be on
    this punk ass site

  20. Donald Johnson says:

    I’m looking a way to make money online, with out putting money in to it,is
    there any one who can give me the best web sits to check out? 

  21. Ferreira Gavin R says:


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